You are invited to a Wedding Celebration Sunday, July 23rd for Pastor Robert King and Mrs. Angelica King


To our Beautiful Golden Family and Friends!

Angelica and I are so delighted and thankful to God for all the love and support you have showered us with during our engagement season. We are thankful for this love as we prepare to celebrate our wedding and marriage in the months to come.

Angelica and I have been prayerfully processing how to celebrate with you during our wedding season. Here are our wishes bathed in love and thanksgiving for you.

  1. Due to the significant size of our biological family and close friends, along with considerations for costs, logistics, and time, our plan is to have a smaller, intimate wedding ceremony on campus for our wedding day, July 1st.
  2. Since we know that many of you wish to share in the ceremony itself and share our joy, we will have a secure, private live stream option that will be available for those who pre-register. Those who wish to view the ceremony this way will need to pre-register by sending an email or written note to the church office by June 1st and agree to the covenant of understanding attached to the link distribution.
  3. We plan to have an in-person Wedding Celebration on Sunday, July 23rd on campus after the 11am worship service for the entire congregation. This is also the date when we will return to Sunday worship.

Thank you, Beautiful Golden Family! Angelica and I are so grateful for your commitment to share the love of Jesus Christ and embody our church’s vision: “We Love Caring For You.”

With love and gratitude:
Robert and Angelica

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