Hi Loretta,

Congratulations on completing the S.H.A.P.E. Test. We are confident this tool will help you and us take the best next steps in your faith journey as you seek to use your gifts for God’s Kingdom!
Here are the results of your assessment.

Spiritual Gifts Scores

Top 3 Spiritual Gifts from Spiritual Gifts Survey
Evangelism – 78%
God gifts his church with evangelists to lead others to Christ effectively and enthusiastically. This gift builds up the body by adding new members to its fellowship (Eph. 4:11).
Giving – 75%
Members with the gift of giving give freely and joyfully to the work and mission of the body. Cheerfulness and liberality are characteristics of individuals with this gift (Rom. 12:8).
Faith – 71%
Faith trusts God to work beyond the human capabilities of the people. Believers with this gift encourage others to trust in God in the face of apparently insurmountable odds (1 Cor. 12:9).
All Scores
Administration 37% Missions 3%
Discernment 62% Evangelism 78%
Exhortation 46% Faith 71%
Giving 75% Hospitality 15%
Knowledge 68% Leadership 62%
Mercy 25% Prophecy 50%
Shepherding 18% Helps/Service 50%
Teaching 65% Wisdom 59%



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