Golden Getting Acquainted Sessions

Pastor King is hosting ‘Getting Acquainted’ Sessions to get to know the Golden family!

Pastor King is inviting all of our members to 30 minute Getting Acquainted Sessions. Over the next several weeks and months, these 30-minute sessions with Pastor King will help him get to know you, your hopes and dreams for Golden’s future, and get to know Golden’s ministries as well.

​In order to protect everyone’s safety, Pastor King is giving you the option of participating in a Getting Acquainted Session in four different ways:

  1. ​A Phone Call
  2. A Zoom Video Call
  3. Visiting with Pastor King in the Church Parking Lot
  4. Drive By Porch Visits at Your Home

​You and your family are invited to sign up for a Getting Acquainted Session:

Please select a day/time and RSVP with Michelle Collier by calling the church office at 770.942.3344 or complete the shot form below to indicate which format of Getting Acquainted Session you would like and be prepared to share your contact information.

​You may sign up individually, as a family unit, or as a ministry leader.  Once registered, you will receive further instructions from the church office.

​Thank you and God bless!

Pastor King

As your pastor, I’m eager to get better acquainted with you over the next few weeks and months.

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